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Visual Studio as the main tool in development allows us to have a basic development surrounding, environment for planning and architecture of the system and also it provides an environment for automation of tests for functionality and performances of the application. Using these environments the whole life cycle of the application is covered through which the quality and reliability of the program solution is secured.

Team Foundation Service along side Visual Studio allows an insight in the status of the progress of planning development activities and archiving changes on a program solution which allows for a quick search of possible mistakes in the solution itself.

Microsoft Azure

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Using this platform we enable our clients to have low starting costs because the providers and the network gear are rented depending on how much the client needs. This public cloud enables automatic availability of the application all across the world and also automatic taking of more resources to accommodate an increase in the number of users. Operability of the application is secured, while the price rises exclusively depending on the amount of used resources. Along with accessibility the application cloud enables automated updating and also secures copies of the data through a time period.

While developing different programming solutions we use different features of Microsoft Azure platforms, some of the are Websites, Cloud Services, Azure SQL, Azure Storage, Caching, Service Bus, Azure Access Control i Azure Active Directory.


In our development we use proven frameworks such as ASP.NET, Entity Framework, WebAPI, Reactive Extensions, SignalR, KnockoutJS, jQuery i Bootstrap.

Along with using these existing frameworks we develop our one frameworks for authorization and security, simpler access to data, easier distribution of information and interpreting business logic in program processes.

With the aim of fulfilling our client wishes with the programs solutions we use agile methodology, otherwise known as SCRUM process. Thanks to this methodology we can in short time periods deliver smaller but functioning software parts which the client can pivot their idea and form it according to the needs of their end users.

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